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We are dedicated to supporting your needs by providing you with all of the essential services and products to produce high quality crops at a price you can afford. Liquid fertiliser is an important fertiliser ‘tool’ that assists the plant to reach it’s potential. Our liquid fertiliser product is manufactured from high quality fertiliser ingredients and blended with care and precision.
NURURAL has designed a  premium liquid starter fertiliser containing 100% water soluble nutrients. NUSTART 13Z is a liquid solution containing nitrogen and phosphorus, with added zinc. 
NUSTART 13Z is a concentrated source of readily available nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc, with these added benefits:
· Maximum efficiency in crop;
· Distributes nutrients more evenly than solid fertilisers;
· Flexible application.


NUSTART 13Z                          Nitrogen (N) 9.0%        Phosphorus (P) 13.5%        Zinc (Zn) 1.0%
NUSTART 22N                         Nitrogen (N) 22.0%
NUSTART 10 - 15                     Nitrogen (N) 10.0%      Phosphorus (P) 15.0%
NUSTART Zinc EDTA                  Zinc (Zn) 9.0%             Potassium (K) 9.0%
NUSTART SOA                         Nitrogen (N) 9.0%        Sulphur (S) 10.0%
NUSTART Zinc SUL                    Zinc (Zn) 16.0%            Sulphur (S) 8.0%
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