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We have all of your farming input requirements covered. We ensure you get the right product and price, with results you can trust. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to bring you the right product for the job. Our agronomists are some of the best in the business and will work closely with you to assure the success of your operation. From chemicals, fertiliser and seed, to fencing, animal health and food for your working dog, we stocks an extensive variety of products to meet all your agricultural requirements. We are proud to offer a wide range of services  to ensure you have the best possible opportunity to maximise productivity in your operations.

Agronomy Services

Years of local experience is focused on keeping crops free of weeds, insect pests and diseases through to harvest and beyond. Our agronomists work with their clients so they can farm for profit and sustainability.


Offering more than just advice we provide:

  • Crop planning an analysis

  • Paddock rotation planning

  • Variety selection

  • Herbicide resistance management

  • Input budgets

  • Projected paddock gross margins

  • Soil test Interpretation

  • Soil fertility and nutrition plans

  • Proactive crop monitoring

  • Pest, weed and disease control


Is contract spraying for you? Weed, insects and crop diseases don’t wait for growers when they are time poor. They often thrive when we don’t have time and field conditions are at their worst. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity.

Liverpool Plains Groundspray can provide accurate application of pesticides and fertiliser, so you avoid waste. No need for training and certification of farm staff, we have it for you. Together with our ability to link an agronomic package via our agronomists, we are doing the hard yards for you. No matter what the challenge, if it has to do with the spray business, you can be confident that LPGS have the solution for you.

Transport + Haulage

Need transportation assistance for farm or commercial hauls? Liverpool Plains Transport have a fleet of modern trucks ready when you need them. Timing is everything. From fertiliser delivery, to hauling to market, you can rely on the know-how, LPT offers to get the job done on time and on budget. LPT team has the experience and knowledge to get your load where you need it, when you need it.  No matter what type of agricultural industry you are involved in. We have a variety of equipment to meet your needs. We can also arrange on-farm delivery of your requirements big and small, using our own fleet of vehicles or the extensive network of transport providers chosen for their reliability and professionalism.

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